Relief Work for Fire Victims, Bawana, Delhi

Mar 31, 2018

On 31 Mar 2018, Society for Bright Future has distributed 30 food kits (ration) i.e. 25kg rice, pulse (dal), tea, oil, salt, soap, sugar etc. to fire victims of Bawana area, Delhi. There was a fire broke out in a factory in Bawana area in Delhi in which around 20 people lost their lives and several got injured. Society for Bright Future, Delhi has done a survey after that incident and on that survey, SBF has distributed food kits to those families whose family member lost his life during the fire. Around 5 SBF volunteers were involved in the distribution process which was led by Mr. Mohd. Saqib Khan (SBF Core Group Convener, Delhi) along with Mr. Atif Habib from SBF Headquarters, Mr. Irshad Ahmad (SBF Volunteer), Mr. Abdul Sattar (SBF Volunteer).