Survey Work in burnt slum area, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Mar 25, 2018

SURVEY WORK in slum area of Chandola Lake, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Nearly 250 huts have been burnt to ashes by a massive fire in the Chandola lake area of Ahmedabad on 25 March, 2018. The fire broke out in the surrounding huts. After getting the information, a team of 5 SBF volunteers from Ahmedabad reached the spot and helped in rescuing the victims.

On 31st Mar, 2018, the same team of SBF volunteers from Ahmedabad, Gujarat has done a detailed survey of the area, met with victims and asked them about their condition and losses from this fire. The volunteer’s were Khalid Rajput, Amjad Ansari, Shaikh Shahnawaz, Rajput Ibrahim & Rajput Ismail.