SBF Delhi team visited the flood-affected area of North East Delhi

Nov 20, 2023

On July 15th, the SBF Delhi team visited the flood-affected area of North East Delhi, specifically the camps in Gadhimendu, Khajuri, Sonia Vihar, and Badarpur (UP/Delhi). The team conducted a survey to assess the problems and needs of the affected people in these areas.

In Gadhimendu, the flood-affected people have been relocated to various places in Khajuri. Approximately 25-30 families are currently residing in one school in Khajuri, with a total population of 130 to 150 individuals.

The situation in Badarpur, situated on the Delhi-Ghaziabad border, is sensitive. There are two camps, one for the people of Delhi and the other for those from Uttar Pradesh. The Delhi camp accommodates 25 to 30 families, totaling 150 to 200 people, who are receiving government-provided food. However, they require a medical camp for healthcare assistance. In the UP camp, there are 100 to 150 families, comprising a total population of 700 to 900 individuals. The people in this camp are in urgent need of food and medicine.

Fortunately, water levels have started receding slowly in all areas, providing some relief to the affected population. The SBF team involved in this visit included former Delhi SBF convenor Saquib Khan, Sonia Vihar SBF Area Convenor Azad Chaudhary, Zeeshan Ahmed, and Rizak.