Relief Work for Fire Victims, Shram Vihar, Delhi

Nov 7, 2015

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A team of 5 members of Society for Bright Future led by Mr.Irfan Ahmad (Coordinator, SBF) reached Shram Vihar Slums, Okhla for relief work. The fire broke out on 4th November, 2015 in the slums of Shram Vihar & around 26 families were affected from this incident. Society for Bright Future had done a survey and made a list of the needs & requirement of these people who are living under the open sky. On 7th Nov, 2015, Society for Bright Future reached Shram Vihar for the relief work and distributed many things to these poor 26 families. These things were One Blanket, One Mosquito Net, One Bucket, One Mug, 2 Glasses, Two Plates (Small/Medium) etc.