North East Express train derailment in Bihar’s Buxar

Nov 21, 2023

Four passengers tragically lost their lives, and 60 others sustained injuries due to the North East Express train derailment in Bihar’s Buxar. Swiftly responding to the incident, volunteers from the Society for Bright Future (SBF) arrived at the scene to assess the situation and provide assistance, ensuring the injured were promptly transported to hospitals.

The SBF volunteer team, led by Mr. Mohd Saifullah, State Convener Bihar along with Mr. Arzu, the Area Convener of Patna, conducted an on-site survey of the accident area. The team included other SBF Volunteers such as Mohd Saqib, Mohd Abid, Samir, among others.

According to railway authorities, some of the injured passengers were taken to the Raghunathpur Primary Health Center, some to Ara and Buxar, and others to AIIMS Patna and IGIMS Patna for medical treatment.