Especially where we are in the standings

Aug 22, 2012

Asia PAC we delivered 6% growth year on year, you see kind of a dotted line there it says 10%, it was [indiscernible] our Australia performance and you know Australia was pretty challenging for us in the full year 2015 you will be talking about mainly our target between 10% to 14%. Our Mainland China business was assuming strong, we did a double digit growth there. Our Southeast Asia did grow double digit and Japan did deliver outstanding double digit growth.

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fake oakleys LOS ANGELES (AP) A financial analysis projects that a proposed $1.7 billion NFL stadium near Los Angeles would need two teams to call it home to be a steady money maker for the city where it would be constructed.The San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders are planning the shared stadium on the site of a former landfill in Carson, on the edge of Los Angeles, if both teams fail to get new stadiums in their current hometowns.According to documents released by the city of Carson on Monday, consultant AECOM estimated that with two teams installed, the city budget would see a net fiscal gain in each of 40 years. Over time, the city could realize approximately $140 million from rent and other fees.However, the report found that if a single team plays in the stadium, the city budget would face “annual fiscal losses in most of the first 30 years.” Thereafter>, according to the estimate, the city would bring in a total of $85 million.The report was released in advance of a Carson meeting Tuesday, during which the City Council could endorse the plan and schedule an election for voters to consider it.Chargers attorney Mark Fabiani called the report’s calculations flawed. He said the report assumed the loss each year of $1.4 million in federal aid that could be maintained fake oakleys.