Workshop organized on Disaster Management

Dec 28, 2023

Yesterday, Society for Bright Future organised a workshop on disaster management for women teachers at Abul Fazal Scholar School. The stage was moderated by Miss Marsha Rashid, and the workshop was started by Dr. Aamir Jamal (volunteer coordinator) with some verses from the Quran. In this workshop, Mr. Suresh Kumar (Civil Defence, Delhi) gave training to the women teachers on first aid, fire fighting, methods of rescue during fire at home and school(to rescue students mostly children,during fire) , and rescue in an earthquake. Training in Paramedical Psycho Physiotherapy was given by Professor Badrul Islam Kairnavi (Former Training Commissioner, KVSBSG, Ministry of HRD, Government of India), which is a major achievement in the field of Indian Medical Science. Mr Islam has said that is derived from Indian medical science. Mrs. Saadia Yasmeen (Assistant Secretary, Women’s Wing) explained in detail to the teachers the importance of volunteering. On the occasion of this training, Dr. Sheeba Aslam Fahmi (Social Worker and Writer) and Miss Areeba Khan (Ward Counsellor, Abul Fazal Enclave) were present as chief guests. All the chief guests appreciated this training programme and described it as an excellent effort for the upliftment and awareness of ciety. The guests said that this will lead to intellectual development of the students studying in the school and it will prove to be a lifesaver during disasters in our society. Concluding the training program, National Coordinator of Society for Bright Future, Mr. Irfan Ahmed made some important points, in which Mr. Irfan told about the tireless efforts made by Society for Bright Future in the field of disaster management and he stressed the importance of this training. About 50 teachers participated in this training program and learned the problems occurring during disasters and their prevention and prevention measures. Society for Bright Future is an organization dedicated to relief and rescue work in disaster management at the national level and this organization has been working in this field for years. Society for Bright Future has so far organized hundreds of workshops for prevention from various disasters and has thousands of trained volunteers at the national level who are selflessly dedicated to rescue work during disasters.