Aug 7, 2019

A “Fire Safety Awareness Programme” was organized by Society for Bright Future (SBF) at Gyanalaya Jatiya Vidayalaya, Beltoli, Bilasipara, Assam North on 8th April, 2019.
The objective of the programme was to demonstrate the fire extinguishers and other safety activities during accidental fire at home, market shop, office premises and industries. These awareness activities were performed by fire expert team of Bilasipara Fire Station, Govt. of Assam.
In this programme, there are 270 school students were present apart from 7 SBF volunteers 16 school staffs and 8 fire service men was attended. Moreover, a hands-on session of putting out the fire was done by students and teaching staffs.
The students as well as teaching staffs were able to answer their questions at end of programme. It was a fruitful event and very informative, which is successfully completed.