“There are also those that are more chronic users

Jan 17, 2013

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Canada Goose Outlet The 18 year old college freshman in Boston likes the convenience and instant results of spray tans.Lewis is typical in many ways. Have used spray tans and tanning lotions. And the teens who use these so called sunless tanning products tend to be older teenage girls who, not surprisingly, think the sun kissed look makes them look more attractive.But many people who get tans from a bottle don’t share Lewis’s aversion to tanning beds.In fact, the study showed that people who use sunless tanning products are about 2.5 times more likely than those who don’t to visit tanning salons and get five or more sunburns during the summer both of which raise the risk of skin cancer and prematurely aged skin.However, Cokkinides adds Canada Goose, the findings suggest sunless tanning products may be just another way for diehard tanners to get that coveted bronzed look.”There are also those that are more chronic users Cheap Canada Goose, so we need to understand how these products are used by different groups https://www.canadagooseparkaclearances.com Canada Goose Outlet,” she says.Another study in the same issue of the Archives of Dermatology suggests encouraging women to use sunless tanning products may reduce unsafe sunbathing if the women are warned about the risks of tanning.In that study, researchers at the University of Massachusetts recruited 250 women who were sunbathing on public beaches Canada Goose Outlet.