The dialogue flies fast and furious

Apr 14, 2013

In one section, she writes: “It was on the other side of the river Prada Outle, on the Fort Gary side, that’s where I met my husband. We’d go there and sit around or go paddling. Now we’d say we ‘hung out.’ He was a very nice person. “Moonlighting” was considered a drama, but tonally it’s like a single camera comedy, albeit with a multi camera setup. The dialogue flies fast and furious, with a level of banter and word play take your pick of any of these that could not exist if there was a laugh track and does not exist in most dramas (the work of Amy Sherman Palladino and Aaron Sorkin excluded). “Moonlighting” is also formally inventive and goofy Cheap Prada Cheap Prada Bags, in a way we now associate with comedies, but has a sort of unplanned, devil may care shagginess it near impossible to find anywhere on TV.

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