The Big Bang which revolutionised the way the City of London

May 31, 2013

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The restaurant is expected to reopen Nov. 26. The Portage Road McDonald’s is scheduled to temporarily close Dec. Margaret Thatcher 1925 2013: How she bashed miners and the unions but backed yuppiesAfter Baroness Thatcher’s death at 87, we look back at the strikes, riots and yuppie boom Share13:37, 9 APR 2013Updated12:16, 10 APR 2013Get politics updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailMargaret Thatcher’s second term saw Britain’s economy boom. But prosperity for the rich was paid for by millions of working men and woman.The result was that the 80s saw Britain under Thatcher bitterly divided while champagne corks popped in the City Replica Hermes Belts, the unions reeled from her assault on organised labour.In the spectacular stock market boom of the late 80s, Britain’s rich became even richer.Half of all the tax breaks brought in during Thatcher’s 11 years in office went to the top 10%.The Big Bang which revolutionised the way the City of London operated, throwing out hundreds of years of safeguards, brought untold riches to City spivs as Thatcher sold off the family silver, privatising state run utilities such as British Gas and British Telecom.A flurry of privatisations followed of electricity and airlines which raised a fortune for the Treasury.”Loadsamoney” was the mantra of the era and, in a move that would decimate social housing for decades to come, Thatcher encouraged tenants to buy their homes at knock down prices to cash in on the property boom in the hope that former council renters would be transformed into Tory voters.But before she could bring in these changes, Thatcher had to rid the country of worker power the Enemy Within, as she scandalously described ordinary members of trade unions.With a landslide majority, she ruthlessly attacked the trade union movement, leaving British workers exposed to exploitation, and destroying whole industries.For some, it remains the greatest achievement of her years in office. She was a free marketeer and to achieve her aim she cared little for the lives of theworkers and their families.Problems with the unions were endemic: Labour governments suffered from them as much as the Tories.

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