She soon found herself modelling Pringle’s famous twinsets for

Apr 10, 2013

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Hermes Replica Bags Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailA GRAN has been revealed as the secret inspiration behind the latest collection of one of Scotland’s most exclusive knitwear brands.When teenager Carol Douglas was plucked from the factory floor to become a model at the firm where she worked, she hoped her new job would at least last for the summer.Now, more than 40 years after first appearing as a model for Pringle of Scotland Designer Fake Hermes, Carol, from Hawick in the Borders, has been revealed as the current head designer’s muse.Pringle’s new design director Alistair Carr says the inspiration for his inaugural collection comes from a photograph he found of Carol, taken at the height of her modelling career.The snap that caught his eye features Carol dressed in a psychedelic twinset and matching mini skirt.Now, as the world of fashion eagerly awaits the unveiling of Alistair’s first Pringle designs, the woman who inspired his work says she is delighted to continue to play such a key role in the firm.Carol, 63, who is battling multiple sclerosis and is confined to a wheelchair Hermes Replica Bags, said: “I can’t walk, let alone strut my stuff down the catwalk, so to hear I am the inspiration for Pringle’s new collection is a really lovely honour.”I loved being a Pringle model. I loved the feel of their beautiful cashmere Hermes Replica Bags, the elegance of their designs and the glamour of their fashion shows.”As Pringle models, we went round all the big golf tournaments modelling for the famous golfers. We modelled for the buyers of all the best stores, for very rich people, for very famous people and, of course, for the Pringle design team.”Sometimes nowadays, with everything that has happened to me healthwise, those days seem as though they were a dream.”But I have my modelling photos to prove those days were real.”Carol, who was diagnosed with MS 17 years ago Hermes Replica, became one of Pringle’s most recognisable models after joining the company in the late 60s.She had previously worked as a model in rival Hawick based knitwear firm Braemar, where she was “spotted” by one of their designers while working as a trainee wages clerk in the factory.Staff at Pringle who saw her Braemar shots quickly offered her a contract.She soon found herself modelling Pringle’s famous twinsets for everyone from Hollywood stars and sports legends to members of the royal family.Carol said: “When I first started at Pringle, I was sent to London to be taught how to model properly.”I was taught how to do my make up, how to walk down the catwalk, how to stand.”I remember them telling me that to look most elegant, you had to lean back and it seemed to work.”Mum of two Carol, who modelled for Pringle for several years, says her days of standing elegantly are long gone.She was diagnosed with MS after months of feeling tired and then suffering bouts of weakness in her legs.She says the illness and her medication have taken their toll but the brave grandmother, who is cared for full time by doting husband Kenny, says she has nothing to complain about.She said: “I’m still here that’s all that matters and I have a wonderful family.”Alistair, who has previously worked for fashion giants including Chloe, Cacharel and Balenciaga, is putting the finishing touches to his first collection of Pringle’s luxury knitwear, which will be launched next month.He has not met Carol but said: “This collection has been inspired by an image of Ms Douglas, our house model in the 60s, and her great psychedelic twinsets Hermes Replica Bags.