SBF organized a District Level workshop on Disaster Management in UP

Nov 22, 2023

On 22nd October, 2023, a district training workshop on Disaster Management was organized by the Society for Bright Future, in Meerut, UP, with the participation of 50 students and 15 volunteers from SBF.

The workshop covered various aspects of disasters, including their types, how to respond during disasters, and how to save lives during emergencies. The training session on CPR, stretcher making and fire fighting were led by Trainer Mr. Marghoob. The chief guest for the event was Mr. Farhat Choudhary, the Director of SUFFA Academy, Radhana.

The workshop was conducted under the supervision of State Convener Mr. Md Javed and Area Core Convener Dr. Zakir Hussain. Mr. Javed provided a detailed introduction to SBF and explained that SBF serves as a first responder during disasters across India.