SBF Assam North organized a “Traffic Rules Awareness Program”

Dec 14, 2023

On November 30, 2023, SBF Assam North organized a “Traffic Rules Awareness Program” at Haricharan Sarkar School in the Bhuragaon Area Core, Morigaon District, Assam North.

The program aimed to instill crucial knowledge about traffic rules and safety measures within the local community. A total of 132 individuals actively engaged in various sessions and activities.

The program featured interactive workshops where participants delved into the significance of traffic rules and their integral role in ensuring road safety. Practical demonstrations illustrated proper road-crossing techniques, the use of pedestrian lanes, and adherence to traffic signals.

Mr. Mubarak Hussain, the Area Convener, played a pivotal role to make this event successful With the invaluable assistance of volunteer Mehendi Alom and otherl SBF volunteers, the event not only successfully disseminated crucial information on road safety but also highlighted the importance of community collaboration in such initiatives.