Survey of Fire in Rohingyan Camp, Nuh, Mewat, Haryana

May 29, 2018

The fire happened in the Rohingyan refugee camp, in Nuh, Mewat Haryana, A team of Society for Bright Future, provided emergency aid and support to the affected families. Mr. Irfan Ahmad, Coordinator Society for Bright Future along with his team visited the camp the next day, He extended his condolences and support to the inhabitants of the camp which caught fire, Village sarpanch and the villagers are providing emergency support and aid to the affected families.

Society for Bright Future team carried out a survey on the damage caused to the means of Shelters, Clothes and livelihood of affected families. After noon, SDM office hosted a coordination meeting involving authorities, the camp representatives, Rohingyan representatives and various NGO’s who came forward to help the people of the camp.

At the meeting, the collective decision for starting a community kitchen is appreciated and we will contribute by providing ration, dignity Kits and Clothes for entire affected families. Further, we work for Shelters and Livelihood Projects soon after cope up of the emergency situation.