Relief & Rehabilitation works undertaken by Vision 2026 in the Riot affected areas of Delhi

Mar 14, 2020

Violence in Delhi badly affected thousands of people. As per media reports, 53 deaths reported till 13th March 2020. More than 450 persons injured, and hundreds of houses got damaged. Several hundred lost their source of livelihood. The situation is extremely worrying and thousands are yet to come out of the trauma of arson, looting, and vandalism.

There has been a concerted and consistent effort by various agencies to provide emergency relief to the victims. A brief report of the joint efforts of Society for Bright Future, Human Welfare Foundation, Human Welfare Trust, Medical Service Society, Al-Shifa Multispecialty Hospital, Students Islamic Organisation of India, Social Service Department of Jamaat e Islami Hind and other like-minded organizations, is as follows :

Medical Relief:
Al-Shifa Multispecialty Hospital, MSS and SBF volunteers have been providing emergency health care to the people injured in the violence. So far, medical relief has been given to 2137 people, including 37 people who were seriously injured.

Food Kit:
On an emergency basis, SBF volunteers provided ‘Food kits’ to the victims. So far, SBF provided ration kits to 7082 people, the kit includes pulse, rice, flour, oil, and other daily need items.

Assistance in Temporary Relief Camp:
The SBF has provided around 1500 mattress, blanket, bed sheets and pillow in the Mustafabad Relief camp.

Need Assessment Survey for long term Rehabilitation:
SBF conducted a survey covering around 470 families and collected data on their losses. The SBF team consisting of both men and women consulted the 470 victim families and tried to reduce their mental trauma and give them Psychological & emotional support.

Dress Items & Dignity Kit:
SBF provided dress items (Kurta Pajama, Children dress, etc) to 270 victim persons and 550 ‘Dignity Kit’ to female victims which contain sanitary napkins, undergarments, and baby foods, etc.

Legal Assistance:
Vision 2026 volunteers provided legal assistance in filing complaints, Lodging FIR, submitting the compensation application form, releasing detainees and other legal services, etc. 166 victims benefitted through the legal aid services.

Thanks to the immense love and support from the well-wishers, we have been able to reach out to thousands of people. This journey continues to go on day by day. For hundreds of their houses and shops have been destroyed in the violence, we pledge to rebuild them, which will be completed with the help of the well-wishers.