Most of these places have at least a vegetarian option or two

Oct 21, 2012

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canada goose In the same time, the LED flash is worth a compliment. It only gets activated when shooting and cannot be used as a flashlight at night. It does work great in shooting close ups, though.. THE GREAT SANDWICH renaissance of the last couple years has been more than generous to us meat eaters: Bunk’s pork belly; Kenny and Zuke’s pastrami; Meat Cheese Bread’s flank steak; Lardo’s porchetta; and Big Ass Sandwiches’ big ass piles of flesh. That isn’t to say that these eateries haven’t thrown the less savage among us a bone (or, you know, the cruelty free equivalent). Most of these places have at least a vegetarian option or two I can’t help but think that Portland’s legion of vegetarians and vegans have felt a little left out.. canada goose

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