Ja, wir brauchen neue Jobprofile

Apr 28, 2013

Wenn die Abteilung nur aus drei bis vier Leuten besteht, muss logischerweise jeder mehrere Hte tragen. Ja, wir brauchen neue Jobprofile. Es dabei vor allem darum, sich konzeptionell, aber auch technisch besser aufzustellen. True, this is a woman who admires historical figures who show “no external bleeding of any kind.” In this script, largely drawn from Vreeland’s own words, introspection was not her strong suit. On Hitler’s mustache, which she spotted at the opera, she concludes, “It was just wrong, you know what I mean?” Her passions for a Balenciaga designed gown or the way a magazine photograph should be cropped have an animating drive. When Vreeland remembers her British born sons as perfect little specimens “the way their hair falls just right” you want to know what kind of mother this woman must have been.

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