He explained that special pads absorb the oil from the top of

Jul 22, 2013

Haas (SHS); any other craft (fabric) high school (A): Grade 8 Quilt Class (SHS); any other craft (other medium) primary school (A): F. Harris; primary School (B): Z. Grace (BPS); pin cushion high school (A): B. He explained that special pads absorb the oil from the top of the water, and booms keep the fuel oil fromcreating further damage.”They have about 3,000 feet of boom put across the river at Croton, and about 9,000 feet near Piermont,” Cuomo said. “It appears from observation from a helicopter that the sheen now is about south to the Piermont Point and is across the river. So it has gone somewhat further south from yesterday and from end to end across the river.”Still missing and presumed dead wascrew member Harry Fernandez, 56, from Staten Island.Amon waspulled from the 40 degree water and taken to the New York side of the river, where he was pronounced dead soon after the crash.O’Leary said thetugboat’s owner, SpecialistLLC of of Montauk, will hire a commercial dive team to assess the damage and develop a formal salvageplanto remove the vessel from the bottom of the river.

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