Flood Relief & Rehabilitation, Gujarat

May 16, 2017

Mr. Irfan Ahmad, Coordinator of Society for Bright Future had visited Gujarat for rehabilitation work for those who had lost their homes and household goods in flood. This work had done in the collaboration of Islami Relief Committee, Gujarat. The other team members who had also supporting SBF in this kind initiative were Mr. Shakeel Rajput (Chairman, IRC & Ameer, JIH Gujarat), Mr. Yusuf Vohra, Mr. Abdul Qadir Memon (Secretary, Social Service JIH Gujarat) & Mr. Irfan Ahmad (Coordinator, SBF).

Mr. Irfan along with his team had visited many flood affected areas, met many village leaders, local people who are affected in the flood and discussed about the after flood situation in the areas and their needs. The Team had visited many places and done rehabilitation work, the visits are as follows:

First, the team had visited Diyodar Vill., Dist.Banaskantha where 9 families were benefitted from the SBF work, Rs.1,38,000/- spend on the house repairing. Next is Terwada Vill., Dist.Banaskantha where 5 families were benefitted in which Rs.50,000/- (Rs.44,000/- for house repairing & Rs.6,000/- for groceries) had spend. After that, Radhanpur Vill., Dist.Patan where 5 families were benefitted in which Rs.50,000/- had spend for house repairing. Sami Vill., Dist.Patan where Rs.1,50,000/- had spend on groceries for the 150 families. Other expenses were Rs.12,000/-. So, 169 families were benefitted & the total amount had spend is Rs.4,00,000/- (Four Lacs) in which Rs.2,32,000/- had spend on house repairing while Rs.1,56,000/- on groceries.

Apart from this work, a Workshop on Disaster Management had also organized at Karishma Complex, Ahmedabad, Gujarat in which people had learned many things about the disaster management and its pros.