Esteban Santiagoknew he needed help

May 20, 2011

Esteban Santiagoknew he needed help in the months before police said he shot and killed five people at theFort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport.Santiago’s family have said they also knew something was wrong with the 26 year old new father and combat veteran.Knowingwasn’t enough. Santiagoappears to have fallenthroughthecracks in mental health screening by the military, police and private sector in Alaska.It’s an all too common problem, mental health advocates say.InSantiago’s case, getting help meant navigatingcomplicated bureaucracies and a legal system designed to protect people from wrongful detention and to uphold legal gun ownership. Attorney Karen Loeffler saidSantiago, who lived in Anchorage,could not be denied gun ownership or prohibited from traveling with the weapon because he had not been adjudicated mentally ill.Related story:Fort Lauderdale airport shooting survivor shaken, humble after shielding womanThe FBI in Anchoragecalled local police Nov.

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