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Mar 12, 2013

In previews for the night’s program on 16th May, the internet craze was chosen to sell the show entirely. A news recluse would think that the day’s affairs had involved nothing more than taking photos of others lying still in odd places. I sure there been a lot more going on than that? While there no doubt that has played a large part in the news of the week, it’s surprising that the team at 7PM chose to prioritise an online craze over the new federal state budget, or the discovery of NSW girl Kyla Roger’s body..

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A decision made Tuesday to bring in a new McDonald’s to Watsonville has gotten some residents fired up. It was a unanimous vote by the City Council to bring in the fast food chain, but those on the council said this wasn’t their first choice of dining. Maxx or an In and Out Burger or maybe an opportunity to have families some entertainment.

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