Considering that I’m not the most skilled player

Sep 20, 2012

“Nerves will always play a hand in that, but we’ve spent a lot of time this year trying to manage those and put them in their rightful place and not allow them to dictate how we play,” she said. “Don’t over think. Just get into the flow of the game.

Living though the horrendous trauma of a sexual assault and then the invasive rape kit exam, victims should not have to wait for justice to be served while DNA evidence sits untested,” Bennet said, in a media release. “Now that the SAFER Act is law, police and crime labs will have greater flexibility to use the resources available to them to test rape kits. Ultimately, it means more kits will get tested and more criminals will be brought to justice.”.

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The Blue Jays faithful often make a big splash in Seattle anytime the Blue Jays roll to town for a series. It seems like most of British Columbia and Western Canada shuts down and makes the trek down to Washington State for the festivities. However, this year was much different.

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