Connor says she ran away, distraught, and didn’t see the final

May 23, 2012

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Canada Goose Jackets Both are charged with murder and could be jailed for a maximum 15 years.The caseDavid Taylor says he was acting in self defence when he bashed police officer Wayan Sudarsa on the beach in Kuta last August.He says he feared for his life after the policeman tried to choke him.He admits hitting Mr Sudarsa numerous times with his fists, and six times with other objects: the officer’s binoculars Canada Goose, a mobile phone, and an empty beer bottle.Connor says that all she did was to try and stop the pair fighting. She saw her boyfriend sitting on the policeman and ran up to push him off.She claims that the officer then turned on her Canada Goose Sale, pulling her hair and biting her.Connor says she ran away, distraught Cheap Canada Goose, and didn’t see the final phase of the fight: Taylor hitting the policeman over the head with a large bottle of Bintang beer. He struck the officer over the head with such force that the bottle broke.During the trial, the three judges have been particularly interested in what happened after the pair left the beach about 1:00am on August 17 last year.They did not go to police, and admitted taking the policeman’s wallet and cutting up his identity documents Canada Goose Jackets.