To Inspire, encourage, facilitate and promote at all times of forms of humanitarian activities with a view to prevent and alleviating human sufferings and therneby contributing to the maintenance and promotion of world peace.


  • To build up an effective and responsive mechanism for disaster management both at local and national level.
  • To evolve suitable plans and strategies for rehabilitation and reconstruction of dwellings during and after the disaster in a most effective and coordinated
  • manner with an aim at building up capabilities of disaster survivors empowering them to take charge of their lives.
  • To conceive, plan evolve and develop a complete mechanism of disaster preparedness by evaluating the capabilities of local population for coping and mitigating the disaster damages.
  • To develop and find appropriate and sustainable solutions to face future disaster by evaluating and assessing risk, vulnerability and capacity and finding out ways and means of strengthening disaster preparedness and in this way evolving and building up effective disaster response mechanism.
  • To raise community awareness and educate general public regarding the hazards and vulnerability of future disasters particularly in high risk areas by impacting basic knowledge of coping strategies that can minimize loss of life and property.
  • To inspire and help local voluntary organizations to achieve the above objectives so that an early warning system may be installed and made effective to minimize, mitigate and reduce the effects of disasters.
  • Tu build a system of relief and rehabilitation by setting up medical aid centres, clinics, medical camps, counseling facilities, diagnostic centres, etc.
  • To establish general hospitals with modern infrastructure and facilities state of art diagnostic centers in different cities all over the country and also multi-speciality hospitals.
  • To set up orphanages, widows home, homes for elderly, rehabilitation centres for disabled and handicapped people etc.
  • To collaborate and associate with persona, social activists, societies, organizations and government bodies working in the same field with same or similar objectives and obtain their cooperation and help.