Society for Bright Future is a non profit NGO which was established in 2006 under the vision 2016 scheme. It is a specialized and dedicated National organization which works in the field of Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation. SBF takes projects regarding any disaster or rehab work. The Emergency and Relief program of SBF provides food packages, drinking water, clothes, shelter and medical care during emergencies or in case of any disaster.

In the no disaster days it organizes various training programmes for the volunteers and create general awareness in public in order to help them prepare for disasters. The SBF Rehabilitation program includes the handicapped assistance program, reconstruction of the affected population and employment
assistance etc.Society for Bright Future has been striving to develop an ability to deploy emergency at a moment's notice. In the past, SBF has quickly responded to natural calamities in Bihar, Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh by providing First Aid supplies, shelter, blankets, water, food, and other basic survival materials.